Cabinets are the most important part of designing a kitchen or bathroom. There are thousands of different cabinet styles and colors available out there. Some can be custom built to fit your space and some can be shipped directly to your home or business in a ready to assemble form. Custom built cabinets are typically much more expensive. They require long periods of time and a good amount of manual labor to build each cabinet to fit specifically in your home’s remodeling and/or renovation project. Ready to assemble cabinets require much less time and effort, but are still able to give a custom look to your kitchen or bathroom.


There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the color and style of the cabinets for your remodel or renovation project. The wall color, the floor color, what color and type of backsplash will be used, the counter top style and color and even the type of lighting in the room all need to be considered when choosing a cabinet color and style. The customer should look at all possible cabinet colors and styles that will match the design that they are wanting to accomplish and make sure that it fits within their budget. The customer also needs to take into account the decor of the rest of the house, since the kitchen or bathroom design will need to be integrated and flow with the rest of the house. White or cream colored cabinets are typically the most popular colors for cabinets. They are very versatile when it comes to matching them with other aspects of the kitchen, bathroom or home.


The customer needs to consider how extensively the kitchen or bathroom cabinets will be used when selecting the cabinet color and style. In some instances, the kitchen or bathroom is used daily or even multiple times per day. These cabinets will be used quite frequently and they are likely to become dirty faster than if they were not used very often. Darker colors are often preferred in this case, since dirt and stains are less visible on these colors.


The size of the kitchen or bathroom will also need to be considered when choosing the color of the cabinets. Light colored cabinets will give the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is and they will brighten up smaller spaces. Darker colored cabinets work well in larger spaces, or spaces with tall ceilings and a good amount of lighting.


Finally, the customer’s budget needs to be considered when choosing the style of the cabinets. There are more affordable styles that have less of a profile, like the Shaker style cabinet, and have a much more simple design. Some of the more expensive styles, have more of a profile with more depth and a more intricate design.


So, based on all of these factors, the customer can choose which cabinet color and style best fits their needs. Wall colors, countertop colors, backsplashes, lighting, budget and the color and type of existing decor in the home should all be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect cabinet color and style to fit your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs.