There are many ways that a customer can purchase cabinets for their kitchen or bathroom. There are custom built cabinets, big box store cabinets or ready to assemble cabinets. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages that the customer needs to consider when they are purchasing their cabinets.


Custom cabinets and Big Box Stores are the most expensive option when it comes to purchasing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. These cabinets are made to specifically fit certain spaces. They are made to order and can have lead times of several weeks to several months. These cabinets require extra labor to ensure that they are made correctly and perfectly. Big Box Stores also tend to add additional costs onto the already expensive price for their store markup.


The most affordable option when it comes to buying cabinets are ready to assemble cabinets. They are available in multiple sizes and styles and can be easily configured to fit any kitchen, bathroom or other space. Ready to assemble cabinets can be shipped directly to your door and can take as little as 7 business days to arrive. There are also little to no shipping costs associated with ordering ready to assemble cabinets. They are very simple to assemble, only requiring some wood glue and a drill. Anyone with some do it yourself experience can assemble them. Having a contractor assemble them for you is also an option. That contractor can also install your cabinets for you and work on any other aspects of your project as well.


Ready to assemble cabinets are becoming the way to go when purchasing cabinets for you kitchen or bathroom project. They are an affordable, quality option for just about any project.